RPO Codes for stock gear ratios

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Look in the glovebox at the RPO codes (huge list of factory reference codes as to what parts were installed on the vehicle).GU2 2:73 ratioGU4 3:08 ratio GU5 3:23 ratio GU6 3:42 ratio GT4 3:73 ratio GT5 4:10 ratio GQ1 Open Differential Rear Axle G80 Positraction/Locking Rear Axle Different Dash? Try these places and ideas. You can also look on the rear end. It will be on the … Read More

Belltech suspension lowering part numbers.

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Parts that will fit ALL YEARS of S-Series vehicles Front Nitro Drop Shock (0″-2″) – 7028 Front Nitro Drop Shock (3″-5″) – 7003 Front Nitro Active Shock (0″-2″) – 10028 Front Nitro Active Shock (3″-5″) – 10003 Rear Nitro Drop Shock (0″-2″) – 7542 Rear Nitro Drop Shock (3″-5″) – 7503 Rear Nitro Active Shock (0″-2″) – 10542 Rear Nitro … Read More

How to find top dead center

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Here is a video showing how to use a piston stop to find top dead center. Another video showing how to use a dog toy squeaker to find top dead center.