V8 S Series was started 3 years ago as a Facebook page. I was excited to get my first member.



It has quickly grown to over 2,800 members and incorporate 27 state chapters and now of course a website. It's a lot for one person to take on and I was happy when Jackee, my wife agreed to help with writing the Reader's Rides articles. We also have a member Hal Marvin who helps out by contributing his wealth of knowledge in the way of tech articles, we have awesome administrators who help keep the peace, and I could never leave out ALL of the members who spend countless hours helping to answer questions on the Facebook page. Without all of you, this would have never happened.

It was always my dream to unite all V8 S Series owners. I wanted folks to know that they had brothers and sisters across the country that shared their passion. To create a no nonsense place for guys and girls to talk about their trucks and help each other with their projects.

I would say we are well on our way to making that happen.

I also noticed the lack of good S Series swag in the world. We've all been to the car shows and race events, always keeping and eye out for that bad ass S10, Sonoma, or Blazer shirt. So now we are in the process of creating some cool t shirts and vinyl graphics.

I'm working with an artist to come out with some really cool designs so make sure you check back to look in our store.

We're glad you decided to visit and check us out. Feel free to join your local chapter and make sure you join the Main Group. Welcome to our family.


Rob Young