Upgrade your power steering lines.

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Your're driving down the road and you start to hear a whine.  The more you steer, the worse it gets.  So you pop the hood to see that you're power steering line has seen it's last day.  Sure you could buy a stock replacement, but we are going to show you an alternative that not only looks a lot better, it is also a higher quality option.

The folks over at Performance Dynamics Speed Shop (www.GetFast1.com) supplied us with Fragola's black coated -6 braided stainless steel P.T.F.E. power steering line (Available in non coated also.).  Along with all the fittings we needed.  Our project is a 91 GMC Sonoma with a 6.0 LS conversion.  Although the fittings for the pumps and steering boxes stayed the same for multiple years, your application may be different so be sure to double check the sizes with the ones we used.

Here's a list of the things you should need.


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So as always, our parts came in couple of days.  These guys ship fast!  Everything looked great, it was time to begin...



We grabbed a couple of wrenches and the old lines were off in no time.  We also removed the push on fitting from the steering box.


IMAG0073            IMAG0075           IMAG0083


As you noticed when you removed the low pressure line from the power steering pump, it has a flared end.  We will be removing this so that our compression fitting will work.  Make sure you put something in the hole before you cut or else the metal filings will contaminate the system.  We used a paper towel which proved a bit difficult to remove.


IMAG0085            IMAG0087


Now for the compression fitting. First the nut, then the compression grommet and finally thread the rest of the fitting on and tighten with two wrenches.


IMAG0088             IMAG0089              IMAG0091


Next it's time to install the o ring to -6an fittings on the power steering box and pump.  and finally assembling the hoses.  Here's a video we did on that process. Decide what length you want the hoses to be and you're done.




                               IMAG0110          IMAG0093          IMAG0121

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Work Truck gets a 6.0 LS engine

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First, V8 S Series would like to thank the following companies for their help in supplying the parts, discounts, and advice with this build.  These guys and girls care about saving you money!


So as you've been reading in the V8 S10 Owners Group on Facebook the work truck will be getting an 6.0 LS engine along with a 4l80e transmission.

It started with the hopes of being a budget build but we exceeded that figure rather quickly.  Isn't that always the case? As you will read in the weeks to come, we opted to upgrade some things that weren't absolutely necessary and some that were.

The truck was a MESS...

Primer grey from a rattle can for paint and under the hood was a wiring NIGHTMARE!


So Jeff Trivett, Theo Trivett, Sean Dougherty, Rick Thorton and myself started hacking away at what was no longer needed. It looks pretty intimidating but it turned out to not be that bad.  The guys put a lot of hard work into getting everything cleaned up.

paint prime

She's looking better already!


We scored at the junkyard a 2006 Hummer H2 6.0 liter (lq4) with 87,000 miles on the clock. ($1,700)


The engine was pretty stripped down and didn't include any accessories.  That added to the budget a bit.  Not that we were going to use a lot of what was missing but it would have been nice to have things like the intake tube w/maf sensor, power steering pump, alternator, and starter.  I could have used the water pump but I really liked the way the 2010 Corvette LSA water pump fit. Plus I wanted to gain the room of running  F body spacing.  Murphy Wallace had all of the right stuff to make that happen.

He provided his LSsimple bracket along with the spacers we would need to use the corvette pump.  His kit came with every nut and bolt along with the belt.   He took all of the guess work out of this part of the build.  The only thing that I had to buy was the tension pulley.  I think it was $20.



The first thing we did was to install the camshaft.  For the ease of getting through this article in a timely manner, here is a link to an article that outlines everything you need to know.

Changing a camshaft in a LS engine

I will however add, some have had luck with just spinning the camshaft to hold the lifters up in the cups.  This would not have worked with our install.  When we spun the camshaft, some of the lifters settled back down onto the camshaft.  So because our engine was on the stand, we used gravity to our advantage. We loosened the rockers, spun the engine upside down and the cam slid right out.

 20150426_145004 20150426_152105

John Dougherty has been grinding cams for 20+ years and the man knows his stuff! If you want a cam ground for your exact application, he is the guy to talk to.  He is always in the group on Facebook to answer any questions you have. He also gives members 10% off. Our cam cost $360 plus $25 shipping.  We had our cam in about 2 weeks. Here is what he came up with for our build.


cam card

Nothing outrageous for this build but we wanted a street friendly cam that we could have a little fun with at the track.

Our camshaft netted us 315 hp and 320 tq on the dyno.

Rob Young S10 swap


This was our first dyno tune.  Yes our first one.  The dyno tuner we chose missed the mark.  Our cold start was horrible, the transmission short shifted due to the computer not being adjusted for our new combo and we had a hanging idle problem.


Bare with me on the updates, V8 S Series is a one man show, and this man also has a family and owns his own home improvement company.  Along with you folks keeping me quite busy in the group.... But I wouldn't want it any other way.  You guys and girls are awesome and without you, none of this would be possible!

So next we bolted on our Chevrolet Performance Musclecar Oil Pan Kit p/n 19212593.  This is a great kit.  It does however leave the oil pan about an inch lower than the cross member but we felt that it was acceptable.

That being said, we did opt to cut our cross member a bit to add some clearance.  It just made it a lot easier to install the engine.  But even with the trimming, we had to raise the cab off of the frame a bit.


How to adjust roller rockers

AdamHow to tech tips

FOR HYDRAULIC  LIFTERS ONLY Adjusting your roller rockers is very important. If they are too tight or too loose you can cause damage to several parts of you motor. I have attached a video that helped me. Do one cylinder at a time and make sure your lock is backed out. Turn your motor over until your exhaust rocker just starts to press down on the valve spring, that is when you will adjust your intake valve for that cylinder. Spin your pushrod while slowly tightening the nut on the rocker. Do not over tighten it. Stop when you just start to get resistance on the pushrod. You then have to turn your nut 1/2 turn to 1 full turn. The guy in the video I have posted only does 1/8 turn. I personally do a 1/2 turn, just a preference. Now your valve is adjusted and you just need to lock it in place, that is what the small allen bolt in the nut is for. Hold your wrench on the nut (don't let it move) and tighten the allen bolt. Your intake valve is now done. Now you need to turn your motor over until the rocker on the intake valve goes all the way down and comes up and stop right before it gets to the very top. Then you adjust your exhaust valve the same way as described above. Once you are done that one you can move onto the other cylinders. It is that easy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PS1vHoNPT1g

RPO Codes for stock gear ratios

V8SSeriesHow to tech tips

Look in the glovebox at the RPO codes (huge list of factory reference codes as to what parts were installed on the vehicle).GU2 2:73 ratioGU4 3:08 ratio GU5 3:23 ratio GU6 3:42 ratio GT4 3:73 ratio GT5 4:10 ratio GQ1 Open Differential Rear Axle G80 Positraction/Locking Rear Axle Different Dash? Try these places and ideas. You can also look on the rear end. It will be on the passenger side axlehousing just inside the leaf spring perch on the front side. Take the VIN number that is on your vehicle title to the local dealership and ask them what gear ratio is in your rear end. If you can't figure it out you can always remove the rear cover and count the # of teeth on the ring then the pinion. Then divide the two numbers and that's what your gear is. If your ring # is 41 and your pinion # is 12 divide the two #'s would be 3.4166666666... Round it off, it would be 3.42 rear. Other Questions? Will all Blazer/S10 rear ends interchange? Answer: Yes, as long as you install a 2wd rear in a 2wd or a 4wd rear in a 4wd. Reason: 4wd rear ends are longer than 2wd rear ends. Are all AWD and 4x4 rear ends G80-posi lock? No, there are many trucks that are AWD and 4x4 that came with open differentials.

Belltech suspension lowering part numbers.

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Parts that will fit ALL YEARS of S-Series vehicles Front Nitro Drop Shock (0"-2") - 7028 Front Nitro Drop Shock (3"-5") - 7003 Front Nitro Active Shock (0"-2") - 10028 Front Nitro Active Shock (3"-5") - 10003 Rear Nitro Drop Shock (0"-2") - 7542 Rear Nitro Drop Shock (3"-5") - 7503 Rear Nitro Active Shock (0"-2") - 10542 Rear Nitro Active Shock (3"-5") - 10503 1"Lowering Block - 6000 2" Lowering Block - 6100 3" Lowering Block - 6200   82-93 S10/S15 and 82-94 Blazer/Jimmy Spindle - 2100 1" Coil - 4200 2" Coil - 4220 3" Coil - 4225 3" Drop Leafs - 5954   95-97 Blazer/Jimmy 4 Cyl Spindle - 2100 1" Coil - 4200 2" Coil - 4220 3" Coil - 4225 3" Drop Leafs - 5956   95-97 Blazer/Jimmy 6 Cyl Spindle - 2100 1" Coil - 4202 2" Coil - 4223 3" Coil - 4227 3" Drop Leafs - 5956   98-04 Blazer/Jimmy 6 Cyl Spindle - 2102 1" Coil - 4204 2" Coil - 4226 3" Coil - 4228 3" Drop Leafs - 5964   94-04 S10/Sonoma Pickup 4 Cyl Spindle - 2100 1" Coil - 4200 2" Coil - 4220 3" Coil - 4225 3" Drop Leafs - 5954   94-04 S10/Sonoma Pickup 6 Cyl Spindle - 2100 1" Coil - 4202 2" Coil - 4223 3" Coil - 4227 3" Drop Leafs - 5954

How to find top dead center

V8SSeriesHow to tech tips

Here is a video showing how to use a piston stop to find top dead center. Another video showing how to use a dog toy squeaker to find top dead center.