The Cursed S10 Bo's story started when he was little and his Dad always had him around racing and hot rods. He always talked about a 1984 S10 that he had and raced all the time. So as soon as Bo was old enough he bought one for himself. He found a 1996 Chevy S10 single cab short wheel base with a 1998 front end conversion.  He thought that he had found a good deal on a truck that had a quality swap in it already. He couldn't have been more wrong.  He and his wife have since nicknamed the truck "The 10 curses."  Curse #1.  The engine was supposed to be a high compression nitrous engine, well it turned out to be a stock engine bored 0.030 over with a small pulling cam and slightly over stock heads! Curse #2. The trans was supposed to be fully built inside and out. It turned out to be bone stock with a stock torque converter. Curse #3. The rear end was a 4.88 gear ratio with a full spool, but the guy swapped carriers out on him the night before he picked the truck up for a bone stock carried peg legged with 3.55 gears.   After Bo found out the previous owner had sold him a story, and not the quality swap he claimed it to be he decided to move on, and just build it the way he wanted to.  First he started with the trans, valve body, and torque converter. Curse #4. Within 3 months he had broken the bell housing clean off the trans. So once again he rebuilt another trans. 10295707_10154036917225018_8720951666576885010_n 1601457_10154036916840018_3212564149765881346_n 603651_10154036918035018_5784714732882344481_n Curse #5. Within a year  he snapped the bell housing off again. Curse #6. almost killed poor Bo.  He decided to fix all the driveline angles and install a set of cal tracs that he had built.  After installing the cal tracs they lowered the truck to the ground, and didn't like the ride height so they lifted it back up.  It wasn't in the air 5 minutes and they heard a "creeeeak."  He looked up to see the front of the truck falling.  Bo ran out from under the truck and it missed him by just a foot as it crashed to the concrete floor!  The lift locks weren't operating correctly and let the weight of the truck shift, and when it did they just swung out from under the truck and let it come right down. 10273875_10154036836240018_8743896168548346400_n 10154168_10154036836650018_5556432578907167636_n 10363385_10154036836840018_853134226122253236_n   Curse #7 He finally got the truck back together and took it to the track, on the 2nd time trial pass his fuel pump quit. Curse #8 He fixed it and took it back 2 weeks later, he got to the 3rd time trial and his lower radiator hose and water pump gaskets start pouring down the track.   Since the accident Bo did a 98 front end swap and installed a new bed.  He still has a long way to go on the body work, cab corner, passenger door, spot on roof, and paint it to match the original color.  He is also in the process of buying parts for a 388 stroker with a 250 shot of nitrous. 10297764_10154036912445018_2465266285459917572_n  10313830_10154036917860018_6381836755587815426_n  10369592_10154036830555018_5162526060867690617_n His current set up is a 355 ci sbc that has a small pulling cam, Dart cast iron heads, and Edelbrock intake. It has a TH350 trans with a full manual valve body, 10 inch 3000 stall torque converter,  and a JW Performance Ultra Bell Housing.  The truck is equipped with Line Lock system for drag racing. The rear suspension has been cut and narrowed along with the Ford 9 inch rear end that has 4.56 gear ratio. It is a full leaf spring truck with cal tracs and sliding hangers on the rear shackle plates. It is sitting on a set of Mickey Thompson Sportsman 2 Pro drag radials 31x18.50x15. 10371413_10154036915440018_4831139647287891553_n   10360402_10154036914990018_1057231089347753349_n   10253927_10154036914625018_6483900175818322671_n For a while he considered selling the truck because he firmly believed it was cursed.  By Bo's calculations the truck has 2 more curses in store for him.  But then he decided "Hey, it's my curse. Therefore I control who the truck curses."  So he is going to turn the curse around and make it work for him and let it slay anything in its' path.  It may be a slow path but he's getting there!