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    No need to adjust your screen. You're looking at a 90 inch wheelbase 1997 S10. Meet Brian Polsen from Newberry Fl.   It all started about 8 yrs ago when he bought the 97 std cab step side truck from a tow yard in Jacksonville Fl for $525. The truck was in stock form with a 2.2 liter engine, so he got to work on customizing it.  He began by doing a 3/5 drop on it.  Although he had big plans for the truck, he was in need of some fast cash to move so he ended up selling the truck for $1,500.   Brian always knew where the truck was and it was killing him that he ever let it go. So he made an offer and bought the truck back for $800.  Soon after they were reunited, the little 2.2 reached the end of the line. While he had considered replacing the 2.2, He had the burning thought in his mind to go bigger.   He started with a with a 350 SBC and a TH350 Transmission. That put a big smile on his face until he got into a wreck and the motor was damaged.  While the 350 was fun, he decided he wanted something different. Enter the 5.3 LS.  Now in its stock form the LS is no slouch by any means. But let's face it, A lot of guys throw an LS motor in.  Brian wanted something different, unique. Can you say Supercharger? He found one off of a 99 Grand Prix GTP. It was modified to fit a  2.5 inch pulley and the intake duct was done by a good friend of his Aaron Messmer.  The intake he used is a Holley High Ram intake that he made an adapter plate for the supercharger.

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While still running the turbo 350 transmission the truck was able to do 130mph with room to spare. One day Brian heard a clunk under the bottom of the truck. He ended up hitting some railroad tracks and damaging the bell housing on the turbo 350. It just so happened he had met someone that knew transmissions. Brian made sure to let him know that he was hard on the skinny and he needed something that would last. What he received was a totally built 4L60E. To this day, He has yet to break it.     With the drivetrain the way he wanted it, he got to thinking.  Maybe....Yup some good old body mods.  He noticed they made a 4 door S10 from 2000 to 2003 and liked the super short bed.  He asked his dad if he thought it was possible to put the short bed on his regular cab.  He said it would take some work but he didn't see why not.  So the first time they tried it they moved the axle and leaf springs forward and put a 89 s10 blazer fuel tank in the rear. It wasn't long before he noticed the axle was hitting the frame due to minimal frame clearance above the axle. So yet again the truck went under the knife to cut the frame in half and take out a piece in the middle.

IMG_13330769050630   IMG_13368758002016


  We saved the best for last. Some of you may recognize the front end as a 04' Scion XB. You would be correct. Of course there was some cutting involved and some other custom work done to get it to fit. He's not done yet, and still has a few fitment issues but that won't stop him.

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  He says next on the list is to send it to paint and work out a few bugs. He tells us the 3,100 pound truck doesn't do wheel stands but it's pretty quick.  We have a feeling it's only a matter of time before this little truck earns it's wings.