Upgrade your power steering lines.

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Your're driving down the road and you start to hear a whine.  The more you steer, the worse it gets.  So you pop the hood to see that you're power steering line has seen it's last day.  Sure you could buy a stock replacement, but we are going to show you an alternative that not only looks a lot better, ... Read More

Work Truck gets a 6.0 LS engine

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Share this PostFirst, V8 S Series would like to thank the following companies for their help in supplying the parts, discounts, and advice with this build.  These guys and girls care about saving you money! Magic Valley Hotrods (sfi flexplate install) LSsimple (Accessory bracket review) Hedman Hedders (Headers, motor mounts and trans support review) Performance Dynamics Speed Shop (-an fuel lines and fuse block install) ... Read More

How to adjust roller rockers

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FOR HYDRAULIC  LIFTERS ONLY Adjusting your roller rockers is very important. If they are too tight or too loose you can cause damage to several parts of you motor. I have attached a video that helped me. Do one cylinder at a time and make sure your lock is backed out. Turn your motor over until your exhaust rocker just … Read More

RPO Codes for stock gear ratios

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Look in the glovebox at the RPO codes (huge list of factory reference codes as to what parts were installed on the vehicle).GU2 2:73 ratioGU4 3:08 ratio GU5 3:23 ratio GU6 3:42 ratio GT4 3:73 ratio GT5 4:10 ratio GQ1 Open Differential Rear Axle G80 Positraction/Locking Rear Axle Different Dash? Try these places and ideas. You can also look on the rear end. It will be on the … Read More

How to find top dead center

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Here is a video showing how to use a piston stop to find top dead center. Another video showing how to use a dog toy squeaker to find top dead center.