1419742_593143787446946_603776883_n 1552968_593144127446912_54668133_n This week on Reader's rides we will be meeting a young southern boy from Georgia, Joshua Brown and his 2000 S10 extended cab.   Joshua learned everything he knows from his father and by being around a lot of other great builders like Vengeance Racing and Universal Performance.   His father owned a small shop, only 2 Bays for a year when he was younger and the business boomed!   Then he built an 8 bay shop, life was great for awhile until his family lost their shop.  His dad went overseas to work but Joshua kept his head held high at home.  After a long time of being in a bad way his dad finally caught a break and started saving money for a small shop at their house.  Since then things have been great, his father taught him more and now he builds professional race motors, from dirt track to full on drag motors.  Joshua was the youngest ASE certified technician in the state of Georgia at the age of 16!  Now he is 19 almost 20 and he gets better at it every day, although his age fools a lot of people he makes a lot of heads spin when they see what he can do!  Josh loves what he does, he is living his dream of high powered race cars and trucks and he'll never look back!   This truck is Joshua's baby he has had it for 4+ years and it started off as a father son project and soon become his passion!   The 2000 S10 extended cab short wheel base,(also known as "The Sleeper") began its life as a 2.2l 4cylinder truck.  The motor Joshua installed was originally out of his previous vehicle a 1988 Iroc-z Camaro, the motor is a 350sbc bored .030 over with 1 piece forged steel crower crank, crower forged rods and flattop pistons, bullet proof internals.  The  truck has ARP studs and bolts holding down GM performance iron heads that were shaved, ported, and polished for a cleaner smoother combustion and air travel.  The cam is a comp cams custom grind hydraulic roller with a comp cam double roller timing chain, comp cam short travel hydraulic roller lifters, chrome Molly pushrods, comp cam 1.6 roller rockers, comp cam double spring strengthened valve springs, stainless steel 1 piece valves with stainless steel retainers, edelbrock tall valve covers, edelbrock victor jr. series high rise intake, Nitrous outlets 1" fogger plate kit with a 300 2stage shot of nitrous (He has bigger nitrous and fuel jets, but that's top secret), edelbrock performer 750cfm electric choke carb, 2" edelbrock/k&n air filter, MSD 6AL ignition box with multiple rev limiters, MSD hei distributor, full 4.3 serpentine.  It is setup with working A/C and power steering, has a 4.3 radiator and 2 dual 12" electric fans, behind motor is a fully built TCI custom built 700r4 with a 3800-4200 tci stall converter, kevlar bands and clutches, manual/automatic valve body with a power adder shift kit made by TCI, custom 1 piece aluminum drive shaft, stock rear end with 3.42 gears and a posi differential unit, all sitting on 225/60-15 BF good wrench radials.  Joshua has a set of 275/60-15 M/T street drag radials as well,  he is going to be installing  caltrac rear suspension traction bars, mono leaf springs, and 9 way adjustable shocks.  The truck has a custom made gauge cluster, made from simple plywood, summit gauges, led lights, and a carbon fiber vinyl wrap.   Also, just for looks he has installed 2 sets of purple neon lights exterior and blue led neon lights interior. Last Dyno pull he ran 576rwhp and 627ft lbs of torque and that's without the 300 wet shot of nitrous!  He plans to get his truck in the high to mid 5s by the summer of 2014 right now she runs a 7.16 in the 1/8th mile (he never ran a 1/4 mile).  Joshua has spent well over $20,000 on this truck but, no matter what the price tag he says the best part is that he built it alongside his father.  This is the true definition of a sleeper, stock outside right down to the factory wheels and interior but hiding a secret under the hood!  In the tool box there are 2 15lb nitrous bottles hidden under a custom made diamond plated hideaway cover.   So if you ever find yourself at a traffic light down around Ludowici, Georgia and have high hopes of beating that little S10 that pulled up next to you, be careful. You may have just run into Josh and his little "Project Sleeper".   1062313_593144114113580_82944860_n 1063314_593144124113579_2009303061_n  1420381_593143790780279_979549187_n 1552800_593144117446913_1811535565_n 1552944_593143817446943_627756470_n  1558633_593143820780276_2002285721_n 1558880_593144120780246_1166594530_n