IMG_15025132693057 This week I had the chance to talk to Robert a little about his project he has lovingly nicknamed the slow "Rusty Turd".  This project came to Robert by way of a trade he made with his friend Jerry.  When Jerry and Robert had originally picked up the truck that's when the problems started.  They didn't even get halfway home before the motor started knocking and left them stranded.  The previous owner had also hacked the wiring up pretty bad on old rusty but Robert felt he was up to the challenge. He decided to use the motor he had built for his 82 Z28.  He packed the motor full of goodies.  He started off with a Stock GM forged crank that was a lucky find he made while at the machine shop in St. Louis.  Forged I beam rods from Gm Performance, Sealed power pistons, a 268H Extreme Energy cam, and topped it off with a set of 906 casting Vortec heads 2.02 / 1.63 valves, with a Summit Racing Stage1 intake and a Holley 750 Double pumper.  Robert estimates the power to be about 425rwhp.  That's not what we would consider slow. Of course this new power plant would be plenty thirsty so Robert decided to redo the entire fuel system.  He started with a 16 gallon fuel cell along with a Holley red fuel pump, two filters, one can, and one 40 micron inline.  Then he tied it all together with Aeroquip braided stainless steel -6AN line. For the drivetrain he decided on a TH350 with upgraded internals.  He used  a hardened sprag and sunshell along with some Red Alto clutches.  Robert is currently installing a 8.8 Explorer differential with a 3:73 ratio. We asked Robert what his future plans for the truck are and he told us he wanted to work on getting all that power to hook.  He sees a set of Cal-Tracs in his future.  Although it isn't at the top of his list, someday he would like to finally do the bodywork on the truck and get it painted.  Join the club Robert. IMG_15218354551090 IMG_15032116901680     If you would like us to do a story about you and your truck, fill out the form on the Reader's Ride page and we'll be in touch.