Hi everyone, Scotty Hamm here, finally doing my readers ride.
My truck came to being mine in the fall of last year but before I get to that I'll tell you the story of the truck . It was the first V8 swapped truck I've ever seen, prior to that I wasn't knowledgeable about almost anything that I am now when it comes to trucks, cars or anything mechanically related.
I was sitting in my 1987 3/4ton Custom Delux that my long lost father and I had recently built. It was a graveyard rebuild with a hot 355, it was a loud, pot hole leaving heavy sleeper truck. I loved it, to me that was my dream truck. I got to build it while getting to know my long lost father and 3 brothers.
One day on the way to Dads I was in traffic and heard something vicious. Not much sounded better than my 355 and I could not figure out where it was coming from. All I saw was a work van and a small blue Sonoma in front of me so I was baffled.
The light turned, he rounded the corner in that truck and BAM, gone in a flash. It was the fastest thing I've ever seen in my life.
I heard rumors of that truck for a few years but I never forgot, the big tires, the aggressive sound, the all out badass that was that little truck. I always wanted to pull my 355 and stick it in a S-Series truck and talked about it all the time.
3 years pass and life continued on. Life happens like it always does and my mother had lost her long battle with cancer. Once I was able to function again, I used some of the money I received to buy a hotrod. I looked at a few hack job Nova's and was talking to my dad about them.
"That little blue truck you like is for sale up the street"
My mouth dropped and I immediately drove straight to the guys house. I've never had that gut wrenching butterfly feeling over a machine in my whole life but god was it there when I walked up. It was like seeing bigfoot. It was beautiful, Admiral blue, huge M/T tires in the rear and under the hood wasn't the small block I was expecting.
"Yeah brother, this is a 496 stroker"
My mouth dropped, I didn't even know at that time you could do that to a BBC.
Long story less long, I bought the truck for $9000.
I got the 496, with a B&M built TH350, custom interior with racing seats and outfitted with a slew of Autometer gages, a full tub rear end, Ford 9" with 4.11 gearing, 40 spline strange axles, 33x21.50 M/T Sportsman pros and much much more for under 5 digits was a complete and total steal.
I have used the wisdom my long lost father has given me to make the beast mine with a bunch of modifications, a top end rebuild that cost me over $3k and I used my mothers money to finance everything. It was a culmination of my parents love for me to own this amazing 1st gen Sonoma.
I now have something that I am teaching my children how to work on and starting my own V8 S-Series tradition. This has brought my son and I especially close. He came from a very harsh world before I got custody of him and his sister from their mother. This was a blessing for my family and a very good start to the healing process for my kids as well as myself.
This truck is very special to me, and it shall continue to be so for years to come.
Every V8 swap S-Series truck has a story to tell, build or buy your own and have your own story to tell someday. 1402514501885 1397862020590 IMG_68572435119799 IMG_20131007_105751