Below is a list of the sponsors and companies that V8 S Series is proud to promote.


Nitrous Express

V8 S Series is proud to be sponsored by NX.  They have great customer service and some of the best products on the market .  Also members who order through V8 S Series receive 10% of of their order. Go check out their website and tell us what you need to make your truck a gas junkie. Nitrous Express

Xtreme Performance

Owned and operated by Hal Marvin and his son Hal Marvin Jr.  Both of these gentlemen are considered our resident  LS gurus.  they perform beautiful LS swaps and have a great attention to detail.  Definitely a company you can trust.  Check out their Facebook Page 

Precision Design Enterprises

Eddie Grimes is a custom fabricator. We are working with him to design a "Turbo Kit" for the first gen LS trucks.  He also turns your wiring harness into a stand alone along with doing a base tune to get you up and running.  We are also working with him to fabricate traction bars for those of you on a budget.  Visit his website

New Sponsors

If you have a product that you would like to sell and are interested in advertising with us or becoming  a sponsor you can contact us at  We will research your product and where applicable would require you to send a sample of your product for testing. We will then do a full review and article of your product and company.  We stand by companies that stand by their product.