Upgrade your power steering lines.

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Your're driving down the road and you start to hear a whine.  The more you steer, the worse it gets.  So you pop the hood to see that you're power steering line has seen it's last day.  Sure you could buy a stock replacement, but we are going to show you an alternative that not only looks a lot better, it is also a higher quality option.

The folks over at Performance Dynamics Speed Shop (www.GetFast1.com) supplied us with Fragola's black coated -6 braided stainless steel P.T.F.E. power steering line (Available in non coated also.).  Along with all the fittings we needed.  Our project is a 91 GMC Sonoma with a 6.0 LS conversion.  Although the fittings for the pumps and steering boxes stayed the same for multiple years, your application may be different so be sure to double check the sizes with the ones we used.

Here's a list of the things you should need.


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So as always, our parts came in couple of days.  These guys ship fast!  Everything looked great, it was time to begin...



We grabbed a couple of wrenches and the old lines were off in no time.  We also removed the push on fitting from the steering box.


IMAG0073            IMAG0075           IMAG0083


As you noticed when you removed the low pressure line from the power steering pump, it has a flared end.  We will be removing this so that our compression fitting will work.  Make sure you put something in the hole before you cut or else the metal filings will contaminate the system.  We used a paper towel which proved a bit difficult to remove.


IMAG0085            IMAG0087


Now for the compression fitting. First the nut, then the compression grommet and finally thread the rest of the fitting on and tighten with two wrenches.


IMAG0088             IMAG0089              IMAG0091


Next it's time to install the o ring to -6an fittings on the power steering box and pump.  and finally assembling the hoses.  Here's a video we did on that process. Decide what length you want the hoses to be and you're done.




                               IMAG0110          IMAG0093          IMAG0121

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